Ho Ho Ho…get the fuck out 2022!

Welcome to another edition, (2022) of FLOWERS Christmas, year-end letter.

Jaysus, where to begin…

The bad news first I guess…it saddens us to report the passing of FLOWERS founding member and fantastic bass player, Lanny Mitchell.  Lan passed away on 15 July, 2022 after a long battle with cancer.

Lanny was already pretty ill when we recorded COVID SESSIONS in August 2021…but he soldiered on, literally, until the end, last July.

Lanny in his prime

Lan was kind enough to replace himself, as he departed, with an old friend and band-mate, Lou Schwartz.  Lanny and Scott Deatrick, our lead guitar player, had played in a garage band with Lou, years ago in San Jose, Ca.  They had kept in touch with Lou, who was the inspiration to our version of Walkin the Dog, off our 2021 Covid Sessions cd.  Lou is a multi-instrumentalist and brings, in addition to his bass playing, harmonica and keyboards into FLOWERS audio profile.

We recorded SPIRIT HOUSE, as an homage to Lanny, at Ukiah’s Russian River Recording studio’s  October 1st through 9th of this year, 2022.  The studio is owned by our top-flight drummer, and FLOWERS man, Ken Ingels. 

The Thai-styled Spirit House, the cover image on our new cd, was built for the Mitchell family by Lan’s brother, Richard Mitchell, on his California ranch.  Lou’s spousling, Joann, did the SPIRIT HOUSE, images and layout for our new cd.

As we look towards the new year, The January 6th Committee is wrapping up their work.  Hopefully, some of the criminal charge referrals they will make to the Department of Justice, will somehow stick to Teflon Don!  We just hope our fucking democracy can survive all the crazy shit going on out there.

We realize our views do not necessarily reflect those of everyone…but we know what we believe in and where the line should be drawn between wrong, mean and inhumane.

All the best of the holidays to all our readers and fans,

Scott Deatrick

Jim Poulton

Lou Schwartz

Ken Ingels

Ken Connor

Flowers all!

You can listen to or download our first two CDs, Malt Whiskey Sessions (2019) and Covid Sessions (2021) by following the links below. Look for our new CD, Spirit House, by mid-January, 2023.

Download Flowers – Covid Sessions

To download MP3s of Flowers Covid Sessions, click HERE. You’ll be taken to a different webpage, and you can download the files easily from there. Remember, there is no charge.

Song Order

  1. Down in Bangkok Town (Scott Deatrick)
  2. In the Blood (John Mayer)
  3. Stranger in My Own Home Town (Percy Mayfield)
  4. Walking the Dog (Rufus Thomas)
  5. Such a Night (Dr. John)
  6. You Can’t Get There From Here (Casey Kelly)
  7. Down Home Girl (Artie Butler & Jerry Leiber)
  8. Feel a Whole Lot Better (Gene Clark & Charly Garcia)
  9. I’m Just Your Fool (Buddy Johnson)
  10. Roll It On Home (John Mayer)
  11. People Can’t Be Trusted (Jim Poulton)

Listen to Flowers 2019 Recording – The Malt Whiskey Sessions

To listen or download the first recordings made by the Flowers – The Malt Whiskey Sessions – either follow the link in the menu above, or click HERE.

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